Nestled along the sun-kissed golden shores of the French Riviera lies the once-sleepy fishing town of Saint Tropez. Known around the world for its captivating blend of timeless glamour, modern luxury, and old-world charm, St Tropez was catapulted to fame in the 1950s and 1960s following the rise of a certain Brigitte Bardot. Since then, the village has evolved into a premier yachting destination, transforming from a serene coastal town to a bustling hub of high society and maritime splendour. A popular yachting hub throughout the year, we share our top three reasons why Saint Tropez should be your number one yachting hotspot in the south of France this season.

World-Class Marinas and Services

St Tropez’s evolution into a yachting paradise is evident in the availability of sophisticated marinas and top-tier services. Once a humble harbour, it now boasts modern facilities that cater to an array of motor and superyachts. The port, alive with activity throughout the year, is more than just a mooring spot; it’s a showcase of nautical excellence with 734 berths. Yacht owners and charters alike are greeted with an array of white-gloved services, from expert maintenance to bespoke concierge, ensuring every need is met with the highest standards of quality. The marina, surrounded by picturesque boutiques, cafes, and eateries, is the perfect place to relax under the sun while enjoying some A-list people-watching.

French Culture filled with Culinary Delights

St Tropez is a true culinary haven, offering an array of dining experiences that tantalise the palate, tease the eyes and entice your sense of smell. From the legendary Club 55, a symbol of the town’s jet-set lifestyle, to innovative eateries like Spoon Byblos and L’Opéra, the town caters to every culinary preference and desire. Each restaurant offers more than just exquisite dishes; they provide a window into the soul of the town, where dining is an art form meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. After dining to your heart’s content, the town’s vibrant nightlife, with exclusive clubs like VIP Room and Les Caves du Roy, ensures that the excitement continues well into the night, offering a blend of drinks, music, and dance.

Breathtaking Beaches and Natural Beauty

The natural beauty of St Tropez is a key aspect of its enduring charm. The renowned Plage de Pampelonne, with its golden sands and azure waters, is a haven for beach lovers, remaining untouched and pristine over the years. These idyllic shores are more than just sunbathing spots; they are social hubs where the world’s elite gather to relax and mingle. The more private Tahiti Plage and Nikki Beach offer more exclusive, secluded retreats, easily accessible for a day away from the bustling town. The town’s scenic beauty extends beyond its beaches, with serene vineyards and rustic countryside offering a peaceful contrast to the lively coastal scene.

St Tropez’s unique combination of superior yachting facilities, gastronomical feats, and stunning natural beauty cements its status as a leading yachting destination. It’s a place where luxury meets tradition, where every visit becomes a cherished memory, making it the perfect choice for those seeking the ultimate yachting experience in the south of France. 

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