Rideshare emerged some time ago and is valued because of the quality of service. It is easier to reserve and one can safely travel to different destinations. Moreover, it is somehow more affordable than taxis, like Amsterdam taxi service, and does not only benefit the densely populated areas. Nevertheless, here we are covering the tipping in ridesharing, hence, learn about the etiquettes. 

Why to Tip Your Rideshare Driver?

Financially Beneficial for the Driver

Just like any other person, money is essential to lead the life the way one wants, or at least fulfills the basic needs. Rideshare drivers do not earn a lot on average like other salaried employees. Hence, in order to feed themselves and their families, tipping can contribute a lot. Therefore, if you can afford it, it is best to give extra to these hard workers, particularly when they serve you well. 

Furthermore, these workers try their best to facilitate you with a safe ride, plenty of amenities and be on time. All this, despite traffic and weather conditions, deserve attention and enhanced financial support, which is in the hands of the passenger. 

For Your Reputation

There is a possibility where the drivers will know how much the rider has paid as tip. This can affect your ratings, as the service provider will determine your contribution. Such companies or their staff would love to assist you more. The chauffeur might recognize you in future and offer you better service, expecting more tips. 

Encourages Positive Behavior

Tipping is a kind of appreciation. The passengers like something about the rideshare service or the driver, which is why they conclude the trip with a tip. If the service provider determines that its services are being rewarded, this can encourage them to perform well, as there is great power in money. Businesses usually are dependent on the income or profit they are availing.

Moreover, it is also about facilitating a particular rider. In case a person uses the same rideshare again, the service provider may lead to the provision of improved amenities. This will ultimately benefit the passenger. 

How Much to Tip Your Rideshare Driver?

Tipping Is Optional

Usually, tipping is not mandatory, whether for taxi private tours or any rideshare trip; despite it being beneficial for both the drivers and the passengers. This is the extra amount of money that a rider can pay, excluding the fare. However, as per a source, the drivers might get upset if you do not tip. 

Also, depending on the rideshare service provider, the chauffeur may never know that the passenger has tipped or not. Just to be on the safe side and avoid the exhibition of rudeness, you should consider tipping.

Percentage or Cash Options

Again, the amount factor for tipping depends on the service providers. They might let you accept an option from the range like 15% to 20%. Or, the tipping quantity is up to the customer. Also, it can be 1, 2 or 5 US dollars; convert them as per your currency. The tips are usually 100% for the drivers and aid in their promotion earnings. Also, there is the absence of service fees applied to such tips. 

When Not to Tip?

The first reason is to understand your financial boundaries. Maybe you already invested too much in paying the fares and no longer have the money to pay extra for the tips. In that case, it is okay not to tip. After all, you have to save money for other expenses or even for future rides. As we already mentioned in this article, tipping is not compulsory. 

The second prominent reason is the dissatisfaction with the services. If you did not avail what you asked for, it is fine not to tip. For instance, the non-professional behavior of the driver, not arriving on time or taking a route which you requested not to take, are some of the reasons to discard the idea of tipping. Besides, make sure to determine the policies of rideshare service providers, maybe they have a ‘no-tipping’ rule. 


Rideshare has gained immense value in this era for being the effortless means of transport and providing safe rides to different spots. However, one factor associated with this service is tipping. Although giving tips is not necessary, one can attempt to, in order to add to the financial sources of the driver. This way, the latter can earn a bit well, particularly to feed the family.

Moreover, tips encourage the chauffeurs and the service provider. They commence thinking that they are serving people well, motivating them to make improvements. There are chances that the service provider will determine the rider who tips. Therefore, they will remain cautious in acting more professionally and kind towards that person. Moreover, one should prevent tipping if it is hard to afford. Also, if the rideshare service was not up to the mark, it is okay to skip tipping.

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