So, you are a beach lover; you need to explore the black sand beach. It is a bit rocky because the volcanic rock adopted its dark color. If you are going to visit during low tide, this is the right time to come here since you will love watching exciting creatures in the tide pools. Numerous gemstones such as diamond, sapphire, ruby, topaz, and garnet are found in the placers. These are available in the sands, mining, and other areas. You will love ruby-colored and purple garnet sand here.

Is Swat safe for tourists?

The black sand beach is a significant tourist destination, so it is safe for domestic and foreign tourists. Beach is not open for tourism due to hazardous weather conditions. These are the dangers due to which government does not allow tourists and domestic visitors to approach the beach for tourism when it is high tide. However, it happens in a specific part of the beach, but the other areas are safe for everyone. It is essential to get complete details about the weather conditions of the beach before planning the trip so that you can make your journey smooth and entertaining.

Moreover, security and safety on the beach are incredible, and the police are cooperative here. They encourage both foreign and local tourists to visit the area.

What is the right time to visit the beach?

The best time to visit this beach is in the spring and winter seasons. Winter is the ideal time to visit the beach because this is the time when you enjoy the lush green lands, blue water, pleasant weather, and many more here. Swimming in the water is incredible, and roads are blocked due to the traffic. Moreover, in winter, the weather is cold, and due to unpredictable weather conditions, Government closes the area for tourism when it is high tide.

Moreover, October is when winter sports events occur, so local and foreign tourists come to join these visits. The beach welcomes people to enjoy these events, and it is open for healthy activities this time.

What to wear on the beach?

Light cotton clothes are advisable in summer, while you need woolen and dense clothes in winter. Due to rainfall, in summer, the temperature drops, and you may feel cold here, so it is good to take warm clothes and boots with you. These boots will help you walk in the hilly areas and on snow.

What do you get on your trip to the package?

If you plan your trip with a group, you need to reach the beach. Visits to the nearby area are included in your package. Moreover, the package contains horse riding, hotel bookings, boating, jeep excursion, tour guides, sightseeing, and transport services. There are different packages for the group corporate, students, families, honeymoon couples, and others. The charges for the trip are different. Moreover, it depends on your stay, amenities, and other options. For this purpose, you can consult with your agents.

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