It’s Time To Eat, Drink, And Be Merry!

The Christmas spirit can be attained in a variety of ways. Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas may showcase it in every song.

Warm golden lights illuminate each home or icy gusts of breeze creep in as night settles in. There is a good chance that one of these will greet you no matter where you are.

The festive season wouldn’t be complete without a banquet of seasonal fare, right?

For Christmas Eve, Belizeans enjoy traditional food paired with modern cooking techniques to create a grand feast combining Central American and Caribbean flavors.

In Belize Real Estate, Christmas means a sabbatical food experience made even more memorable by the delicious flavors of Tamales, Bollos, Rice and Beans, Relleno, and Ham, sweetened by Black Cake and of course accompanied by Rumpopo.  


It is literally wrapped in green, making it a delicacy.

Enjoy a taste of rich heritage and culture with each bite of this corn-based food, wrapped in green plantain leaves and stuffed with seasoned meat. You can find them at local diners or Farmer’s Markets, or learn how to make them at our Open Hearth Culinary Experience. 

With Ham And Rice, You Can’t Go Wrong

The classic rice and beans dish with chicken is always a hit. There is nothing better than rice and beans with ham for nourishment.

Rice and beans are essential components of this meal, but the addition of a seasonal twist makes it even more exciting. Ham is a ceremonious dish in most households; eating it on Christmas Eve and afterwards is a tradition. 

Relleno Black

 One of the few soups that made it onto our list, this savory soup has a stronghold in Northern Belize. This dish is primarily Mestizo in origin. There are vegetables and chicken stuffed with pork and hard-boiled eggs in this black soup. This soup has a black color because of its main ingredient, black recado. The dish is usually served with corn tortillas or white rice, depending on the season. 

Cake With Black Icing

Enjoy Caribbean desserts like a local when you’re on vacation! In other words, after a hearty meal, you can enjoy a delicious slice of Black Cake.

The regional sweet treat is made of dried fruit, nuts, and rum. Many may mistake its color for chocolate cake because burnt molasses is used instead of cocoa to create a rich black color. In addition, it is soaked in rum for preservation, which gives it a long shelf life. 

It Is Rumpopo

It’s time to highlight the drinks that complement these jolly meals. After highlighting the main course meals, and dessert, let’s take a look at the drinks that go along with them. With December 1st just around the corner, Rumpopo sales start to rise, since this Belizean take on eggnog is a must for the season.

Even though you’ve chosen to spend a warm Christmas in the Caribbean, the rich blend of eggs, sugar, spices, and rum will make you feel at home. 

We Invite You To Spend A Green Christmas With Us!

Christmas is just around the corner, and we at The Lodge At Chaa Creek are eager to celebrate with you with great traditions and savoury seasonal specialities.

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