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UPPAbaby Vista strollers are undoubtedly the best strollers in the world, according to my husband. Although it isn’t the cheapest stroller on the market, if you can convince my husband that something (especially a stroller!) is worth every penny, it will be great.  If it is good, it must be good. Since I sold our Peg on Craigslist and brought home the UPPAbaby, he’s still singing our Vista’s praises. The UPPAbaby was our most-traveled stroller, and the Vista was our most-used stroller.  Despite its shortcomings, it was a great ride for us. Unbelievably, it is not much more expensive than it was a decade ago.

The only stroller that my husband could push effortlessly was the UPPAbaby. He is 6’7″. Its rounded axle and extendable handle helped immensely.

First Trip with the UPPAbaby Vista

  Florida was the first place our UPPAbaby went. the infant car seat was still on our son when he was 6 months old. Thankfully, we were able to use our Peg Perego Primo Viaggio car seat without its base. We were able to bring that along with us without any problems, as well as our Uppa.
The UPPAbaby Vista can be folded in one piece when facing forward (a huge advantage over the Bugaboo, in my opinion). Since we also had the car seat adapter for the Vista frame, we decided to leave the adapter attached to the car seat and bring the stroller along in the basket. With the Vista, the basket is very large, so we were able to fit not only the stroller’s seat, but also a basket for toys.  Our daughter’s light booster seat and diaper bag are also included. We flew Southwest and we weren’t the only passengers on either flight. Consequently, we were able to gate-check the folded stroller, and also bring Bub in his car seat (with adapter attached – it didn’t make any difference in how the seat was installed).

Travel Damage Assistance from UPPAbaby

There was a break in the foot bar, likely caused by a baggage handler lifting the stroller with that part. Due to the fact that we didn’t report it within four hours, we weren’t able to receive reimbursement from Southwest.  UPPAbaby’s customer support is excellent. When I asked for suggestions to fix the squeaking wheels, their Canadian distributor replaced the frame and sent along new wheels. The wheels of our Vista had been squeaking for a long time, and brand new wheels fixed the problem! UPPAbaby Vista has a travel bag you can purchase, but I thought the cost wasn’t worth the number of times we’d use it, so I didn’t buy one.

UPPAbaby Vista and Future Travel

On subsequent trips, I didn’t want the seat frame to be damaged again. Fortunately, it wasn’t. At the gate check, I raised the foot bar once folded. My stroller was then flipped onto its side. As a result, baggage handlers were able to grab it easily from the side bars, and the foot bar became an awkward choice for a handle. Despite knowing I was taking a chance, the Vista has performed well on all my return trips since.

It was a perfect stroller for us. The stroller allowed our son to take a great nap! On our last Disney trip, he slept for 3 hours every day. We had lots of fun while he slept. However! When we were fully prepared to leave and return, we had a wonderful time at the parks.

Some airlines like American won’t let you gate check it because it’s large and weighs about 24 pounds, but it was very comfortable for our son. Moreover, it is easy to maneuver and handle steep curbs and cobblestones. In most restaurants, it would be too big, but on patios, we pushed it right up to the table. We had a few snags. UPPAbaby’s service was super fast, and they replaced the basket twice.

*I have added:

Our UPPAbaby Vista frame developed a problem on another trip, and upon our return, Uppababy sent us a replacement right away. There are no words to describe how much we enjoyed our Uppa and their excellent customer service.

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