People who love the tranquil mountains cannot resist Shillong’s beckoning. The scenic beauty of this marvelous place has enchanted many hearts. The panoramic view of the valleys, crystal-clear lakes, and plush green surroundings add to the peaceful vibe of Shillong. If you are planning an escape from your overcrowded city life, Shillong is going to be your perfect host! 

Apart from the enthralling climate and the calm, Shillong is also famous for its rich-religious history. Some temples date back to the 1800s, and most religious sites have the finest architectural designs. In these places, there is a spiritual positive energy that you can sense. And yes, the feeling is ethereal! 

Shillong is a famous tourist attraction in North-East India. It is connected to most of the Indian cities through bus, train, or air routes. It is not a hassle to find accommodation in this hill station either. You can book the Treebo Shillong hotels at a very affordable price from the official website or mobile application. 

Read on and find out about the must-visit Religious sites and Temples in the Capital City of Meghalaya. 

Mahadeo Khola

Mahadev Khola is a 150-year-old magnificent cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It stands proudly on the banks of river Umshyrpi in upper Shillong. The temple attracts a large crowd during the Maha Shivaratri celebrations that last for about three days. People believe that Bholenath fulfils the wishes of the devotees who chant his name within the four walls of this temple. Astonishingly, Mahadeo Khola leads to another cave which has a small Shiva linga at the entrance. It is said that this cave directly leads to the Kamakhya temple in Guhawati, a famous place of worship for Lord Shiva’s wife – Sati. 

Garikhana Hanuman Temple

The Hanuman Temple is very famous among the Shillong residents and people from the neighboring cities and states. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, also known as the ‘God of Kaliyug’. The Bhadupotas loyally serve the God in this temple and have been doing since generations. People from all walks of life visit the temple, repent for their sins, and pray for the blessings of Hanuman. Every year, there is a three-day mela at the temple on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanthi, or the birth anniversary of Hanuman. 

Khali – Matri Mandir

Khali Matri Mandir translates to ‘The Temple of Mother Kali’ in English. Goddess Kali is the fierce form of Lord Shiva’s wife Parvati. The 1000-year-old temple radiates power and strength, something that you can feel as soon as you step in. The architecture is entirely Indian, and the main speciality  lies in the ‘Shikara’ or ‘domes’ on the top. Late at night, the priests perform the ‘Maha Kali’ pooja that devotees attend and seek the blessings of the Goddess. You will also find the locals refer to the temple by its other name – ‘Ramna Kalibari’. 

Gorkha Durga Temple

Gorkha Durga Temple has a close relationship with the brave jawans of India. The soldiers of the Gorkha regiment used to worship Goddess Durga for strength, valor, and victory. They envisioned an earthen pot as the feminine divinity and offered their respects to it. This continued till 1942, and later, they started worshipping the Durga idol. The Gorkha Durga temple has a similar marble idol of Goddess Durga in a very traditional mandir. The annual ritual involves carrying the earthen pot (believed to be Goddess Durga) in a procession from the streets to the main temple. The people perform panch bali – a five-element sacrificial offering in this Shillong temple. 

Madina Mosque

The exquisite beauty of this four-storey mosque comes from the fact that it is the largest Islamic shrine in India made of pristine glass. It feels like you have entered into a humongous kaleidoscope that won’t stop presenting spectacular views! The walls on the outside have a green and white color palette, and the central dome has a touch of gold. The Madina Masjid is a sight to behold during sunrise and sunset when the light dances elegantly, reflecting and bouncing off of glass surfaces. The Sunni Muslim men come here to offer their prayers, and there is a separate section for women to offer congregate prayers. The place can accommodate more than 2000 people at once. 

Cathedral – Mary Help of Christians

The Cathedral is situated on a small hill overlooking the cascading Brahmaputra river in Shillong. It has high arches and intricately designed arched windows. Several depictions show the journey of Christ. The interior shows a visage of paintings that portray the Life of Saints. The gothic marvel that you witness today is a rebuilt version. The original cathedral burned down in the year 1936. Nevertheless, the church still attracts a large number of visitors from across the globe. 

All Saints Church 

When the Britishers colonized India, they wanted to bring a small part of Scotland to the Himalayan region. That is how they decided to lay the building blocks for the All Saints Church at one of the topmost hills in the area. They initially built it in 1897, but an earthquake thwarted their efforts. It was rebuilt in 1902 and remained to be a classic example of colonial architecture to date. 

Full Gospel Fellowship Church

The church is unique with a serene charm. It is a good spot for people who are looking for blissful oblivion to take a short break away from the concerns of life. The Church has some of the best preachings from the Word of God and propagates the Love of Jesus to mankind. Tourists will find it rather easy to navigate their way to this church. 

Shillong Baptist Church

This baptist church is a blue marvel that you can spot from quite a distance. It has a unique architecture with rectangular high arches that tower over vibrant green bushes. The interior of the church is serene and calm. The Sundays are usually lively, and you will find most of the Shillong locals offering their prayers here. If you plan on interacting with some of them, know that they are the most welcoming hosts. 

Where you stay in Shillong will also greatly impact your vacation experience. You can reduce the commuting time to the prime tourist attractions. Also, the right hotels in Shillong offer a breathtaking view of the hill station. Treebo Hotels in Shillong keep these pointers in mind and offer a comfortable stay for the guests

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Being in Shillong is like nestling in the comfortable embrace of mother nature. The experience awakens your soul and refreshes your mind. The religious places are the much-needed icing on the cake! Do include them in your itinerary, and they will bring you closer to the feeling of heavenly delight. 


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